How to Control Your Gag Reflex During Oral Sex

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Stop Gag Reflex During Oral Sex

Your gag reflex can be a problem when performing oral sex, and it is definitely a problem if you ever try to deep throat a penis. The only real way to stop gag reflex is to practice…well…not gagging. The most fun way to practice not gagging is on your honey’s penis. However, you can substitute a banana, a pickle or even your finger and get the same results.

1. Lubricate the Penis Well

A well-lubricated penis slides better than a non-lubricated one. The easiest and most pleasurable way to do this is to perform oral sex for a minute or two until the penis is good and moist.

2. Align Your Throat and His Penis

Make sure you are in a comfortable position and your throat and the penis are properly aligned. The best way to accomplish this is to have your honey lie on his back and you lie on your stomach alongside him.

3. Slide the Penis Into Your Mouth Slowly

You can either do this yourself or have him slide his penis into your mouth – emphasis on slowly. Continue to slide the penis into your mouth until you feel your gag reflex kick in. If he is the one doing the sliding be sure to let him know that you’ve reached a point where you need him to stop or you will gag.

4. Hold in Place

Hold his penis in position for as long as you again. Once you feel like you can’t hold it anymore let go and take a break. Relax.

5. Repeat steps 1 – 4

You only become good at things when you practice. So keep at it ’till you’re only gagging if you want to, not because you can’t help it. Also, Rome wasn’t built in a day, it may take you a few attempts to get over your gagging issues. I’m sure your boyfriend won’t mind that you want to have his penis in your mouth as often as possible.

Option 2: Use a Deep Throat Spray

If you’d like to skip the work and get right down to the no gagging, then using an oral sex spray is the option for you. Oral sex sprays are often flavored numbing agents that, when sprayed, numb your throat muscles and make it’s super easy to perform oral sex or deep throat a penis. That’s it. All of the skill and none of the work. Here are the three best-selling oral sex sprays at Sex Toy Goddess:

1. Comfortably Numb Deep Throat Spray
2. GoodHead Deep Throat Spray
3. Frozen Deep Throat Spray

Final Thoughts

You’ll notice that after each session you’ll be able to hold his penis in place longer and longer until your gag reflex isn’t an issue at all. However, don’t try to do this too many times in one day, this is something that you should do over time. Too many time sin one day you could make yourself sick and possibly cause you to vomit, and vomiting is definitely NOT sexy – so take your time. And remember to have fun! That’s what it is all about anyway.

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